ELANROMAN Men’s Loafers Velvet Dress Shoes Metal Eagle Buckle Gold Smoking Slipper Slip-on Party Men Dress Loafers Shoes Olive (US 11 EUR 45)

ELANROMAN Men’s Loafers Velvet Dress Shoes Metal Eagle Buckle Gold Smoking Slipper Slip-on Party Men Dress Loafers Shoes Olive (US 11 EUR 45)

ELANROMAN specializes in lightweight fashion men’s shoes, gentlemanly tastes, stylish, elegant and casual lifestyles, magical weddings, parties or holiday shoes.

Compared to those sparkling metallic or fluorescent color tide shoes, velvet shoes simple and elegant design coupled with a unique velvet fabric, so that the footwear itself has a low-key mysterious, elegant style, luxury connotation of the aristocratic sense.

Warm fabric is also quite suitable for autumn and winter wear.Why do not try to wear velvet shoes, do a taste of a charming gentleman.

Our products are handmade, in other words, this is different from the ordinary mechanical production, handmade velvet compared to other mechanical shoes comfort unparalleled.

Perhaps the mechanical shoes are also part of the artificial manufacturing, but because they do not meet the standards, most people will feel uncomfortable.

Our feet have 33 joints, 20 large and small muscles and more than 100 ligaments.Every man’s joints, the position of the muscles can not be the same. Therefore, many people can not wear a specific style.

Maintenance method:Velvet fabric in the use of time to minimize friction, forced pull, to keep a regular change.Velvet fabric suitable for washing, not suitable for dry cleaning.

Velvet fabrics require medium-temperature ironing when ironing, and less push and pull when ironing, allowing natural stretching to positive.

Velvet fabric Moisture absorption is very strong, so when the collection should prevent high temperature, high humidity and unclean environment,

should be stacked and put in a clean and tidy environment, in order to prevent mildew.[Us Size] Before August 29,2018,according to the feedback from the buyers,we optimized the yardage,give the suggestion to the buyer is when you purchase this product please according to the US size.
[Personality] ELANROMAN Brand features mascots to design products,the appearance of the product use of the British family’s unique design of carved Brock style,like the eagle wings,showing the high-end atmosphere of nobility successful demeanor.
[Outsole] ELANROMAN Professional brand graphic design of rubber anti friction outsole.The material of the outsole is resistant to folding and wear,and has a unique print design to make the shoes more fashionable.Passed the USA standard test. [Shoe cover] Multifunction brand shoes cover,nursing care shoes with polishing cloth. [Width] Medium(B,M),Heel height: 2″(approx).
[Fashion&Comfort] Velvet Loafers shoes has design sense,ultimate fashion with ELANROMAN professional brand Men Velvet Loafer shoes.Velvet Loafers shoes can be fitted with formal wear or Jeans.Men Fashion Parties,wedding party and casual Fashion show,Comfortable for constant traveler and wearing shoes for long hours.Loafers tightly fixed cushioned padded insole and squared moc toe gives the space and support that is so vital for your feet,experience comfort and class with these men Loafer shoes.
[Brand] The American Brand,Made in China.Amazon’s famous Entry Lux Fashion men’s shoes brand.We are so sure you’ll love your mens casual shoes.In order to protect the rights of buyers,we can refund or replace the goods in full within 30 days after purchase.Of course,our quality control is very strict.Please rest assured to buy it.

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